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Dolomite is the world leader in design and manufacture of high quality innovative microfluidic products.

We offer a broad range of modular microfluidic systems, modules and components such as pumps, chips,connectors, temperature controllers, sensors,accessories and software for analysis or automation. We also regularly design and manufacture custom-made components or modules to exactly match a customer’s requirement aMitos P-Pump wit hSensor Displayand perform product design & development for complete instruments.


  • Biology e.g. cell encapsulation in microdroplets and analysis of individual cells from a population
  • Drug discovery e.g. drug formulation and controlled release via biodegradable particles
  • Chemistry e.g. nanoparticle synthesis and petrochemical analysis
  • Food and cosmetics e.g. bulk precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams
  • Academia e.g. study of microfluidics and microfluidic droplets or bubbles

Based in Royston (near Cambridge), UK, Dolomite is part of the Blacktrace group of companies, a world leader in Productizing Science®. We have offices in the USA, Japan, India and Brasil and worldwide distributors offering technical assistance and support. Productizing Science® means creating marketable and commercially successful products from scientific discovery, and Dolomite excels in commercialising microfluidic products which exceed expectations.

The following principles are common to all of Dolomite’s products:Telos_System

  • Modular: One product range can suit a wide range of budgets and functionalities. Products can be easily changed day-to-day to perform different tasks and upgraded
  • Easy to use: Quick to set up and run
  • Innovative: Virtually all of Dolomite’s products are specifically designed by Dolomite to maximise the benefits of microfluidics for a wide range of applications
  • Scalable: Dolomite’s products allow rapid research and optimisation of microfludic processes as well as scale-up to production e.g. a tonne per month of microfluidic droplets

For more information about Dolomite and the product ranges, click on the relevant links above, or contact us.Since forming in 2005, Dolomite has grown year on year and now has many thousands of customers in over 50 countries. Our customers include a wide range of major academic institutes, biotechs, start-ups, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, petrochemical companies, government institutes and virtually any company or organisation that involves science.

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