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Dolomite Microfluidics is part of the Blacktrace group of companies, based in Royston (near Cambridge), United Kingdom. It is one of the early pioneers of microfluidic technology, building a community of users working in academia and industry since 2006. 

Dolomite has a diverse and expansive range of products catering for a variety of needs, from academics operating at the cutting edge of science to microencapsulation experts requiring robust and reproducible system solutions. 


We offer pre-arranged microfluidic systems for users who are interested in microencapsulation and particle generation applications. Our systems are developed by our microfluidic experts to deliver optimised reaction conditions, capitalising on the unique benefits microfluidics can apply to the application. Modular designs of these systems provide the production rate up to 1 Kper month.  

Educational Microfluidic Systems – Systems for new-starters to generate droplets and visualize fluid flows. 

Single Emulsion Systems – Produce up to 10,000 monodisperse droplets per second. 

Double Emulsion Systems – Generate oil-water-oil or water-oil-water emulsions. 

Drug (API) Microencapsulation Systems – Encapsulate APIs in PLGA particles. 

Liposome Synthesis Systems – Synthesize liposomes to encapsulate drugs or nutrients. 

Nanoparticle Generation Systems – Produce highly monodispersed polymer nanoparticles. 

µEncapsulator Systems – Encapsulate live cells, bacteria, microbiome into picolitre monodisperse droplets. 

Porous Media Systems – Monitor and visualize fluid flow through porous media. 

Commercial Scale-up Systems 

For those looking to scale-up the particle or droplet production to commercial levels the Telos® High-Throughput microfluidic technology extends the throughput of our systems. It benefits from a wide range of industries including pharmaceutical, food, agrochemical, cosmetics and research 

Telos® High-Throughput Systems – Production of up to a tonne of highly uniform droplets, particles or emulsions a month. 


We offer a range of microfluidic components including pumps, connectors, chips and accessories which can be used to build custom microfluidic solutionsThese components are suitable for use by experts who are familiar with microfluidics and require flexibility for novel applications.  

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Specialist Chemicals 

Our specialist chemicals range consists of specially formulated oils, reagents and surfactants developed specifically for microfluidics applications. 

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