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Precision engineered tools, making your therapeutic discoveries possible.

Process a wide variety of biologicals, from cells, to proteins, to mRNA and more with tools inspired by our microfluidic expertise.

Access the possibilities within the rapidly developing field of lipids, liposomes, and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) with our technology.

Develop cutting edge, novel microfluidic methodologies…

without compromising on reproducibility and scalability, whether using droplets, particles, or homogenous fluids.

Remove limitations on your research through our reliable, controlled tools with monodispersed, measurable outputs, empowering you to focus on what is important; making new discoveries.

Do you, do more, do now

Do you

Do more

Do now

We know no bounds. Our products are engineered from the ground up to support creativity and innovation. We go above and beyond, so you can pursue your research goals without compromise. Great minds don’t always think alike – and breaking through often means breaking with tradition. That’s why our system is flexible, ensuring affordability and scalability for even more scientists. We want to democratise discovery. No matter your ambitions, research or resources, our tools are designed for you. That means unrivalled versatility, unprecedented compatibility and our expertise at your fingertips.


Our Application areas

Droplet genomics

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Lipid Nanoparticles

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Our products

We offer a range of microfluidic instruments for processing a wide range of biologicals, our platforms include the Nadia Instrument, Nadia Innovate and Nadia Go.
Companion products include microfluidic cartridges and application specific reagent kits.

Nadia Instrument

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Nadia Innovate

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Nadia Go

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Reagent kits

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Get in touch to find out if our customizable microfluidic products could suit your biological input!

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