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Blacktrace does not have a proactive strategy to grow by acquisition, however, as an organisation we are very dynamic and open minded to opportunity. Over time, we have ongoing conversations around acquisition of businesses, however these are to date always initiated by the company wishing to be acquired. We have completed deals of different types from complete share capital purchase through to asset transfers, and are open minded about potential deal structures. Acquisition events to date:

  • Scientific Consultants 2006 (optical glass processing)
  • Glass Solutions 2013 ( glass blowing)
  • Labglass 2013 (glass blowing)
  • Centeo 2013 (portable temperature controlled well plates)
  • Chemisens 2015 (high performance reaction calorimetry)

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If you have a business that you believe fits inside Blacktrace and have an interest in becoming part of Blacktrace Group, please  contact us